Hoyer Fun Run

The 2018 Hoyer Fun Run has ended. Stay Tuned for details of the 2019 Hoyer Fun Run!

On Friday, May 18, the Judith P. Hoyer Montessori PTSA holds its Annual Fun Run fundraiser. The runners are the students of Judith P. Hoyer Montessori who are cheered on by friends, family, and community members. It is a day of celebration for the school, and we hope you plan to be part of this great event!

All Hoyer Montessori students can participate, and all runners will receive a T-shirt, courtesy of the PTSA. A $10.00 minimum donation is requested. Funds raised will be used to purchase classroom materials and to support PTSA activities.


The top 3 students/families that raise the most funds by Friday, May 25 will receive a prize. All participating students will be entered to win one of many raffle prizes.


  1. Join the team on the Hoyer Fun Run Crowdrise Page and ask your family and friends to donate. All donations through Crowdrise will receive a receipt.
  2. Collect flat donations by cash or check and submit them by May 25. Donations over $75 will receive a tax receipt. Please make checks payable to Judith P. Hoyer Montessori PTSA.
  3. Set up a fundraiser on Facebook. Visit www.facebook.com/fundraisers and click on "Raise Money for a Nonprofit Organization." Select "Judith P. Hoyer Montessori PTSA" as your charity, set a fundraising goal, and set the deadline for May 25.
  4. Solicit sponsorships from local businesses. For more information, contact president@hoyermontessoriptsa.org.


  • May 18: $10 minimum donation due. (All donations and pledge forms can be turned in to the PTSA mailbox.)
  • May 25: Final deadline for all donations to be counted toward prize eligibility.
  • June 1: Deadline for all donations for the 2018 Hoyer Fun Run. Please make a copy of your pledge form before submission.

History of the Hoyer Fun Run by Jennifer Porcari, PTSA Member In 2011, during our first PTA meeting in the "new" school, the PTA began brainstorming how we might raise money to support our school. The country was in the midst of the recession, and there was no money in the county for field trips, art, or Montessori-related items. In fact, the first time our then PTA President (Chelsea Henderson) met with Ms. Spivey, she learned that the budget to provide extra support for teachers and classrooms was cut in HALF. Most of us were tired; we'd fought hard for expansion and for the new location. We didn't want to do a year's worth of fundraising for a few thousand dollars. At that meeting, one parent activist spoke up to say that her sister-in-law's Virginia school had one large fundraiser during the year -- a FUN RUN -- and they raised (GULP) around $20,000! She suggested that many family members liked supporting a physical fundraiser instead of buying things like pizza and popcorn! Shawne said that she would do some more research, and our Hoyer Fun Run was born. That first year, 2012, we decided to have a very low goal -- around $3,000. I remember watching as our numbers crept up. We increased the goal to $5,000 and then $7,500, and we finished the fundraiser at around $11,000. We were all stunned and excited at all of the good work we could do with the teachers and their classrooms. We started to dream about what would make our new home an inviting location and fun for the kids.

As we kick off our Fifth Annual Fun Run (in 2017) -- I am still so pleased that we continue to concentrate our efforts on one large fundraiser instead of what I see other schools doing -- a fundraiser a month. Our extended Porcari family has embraced the Fun Run and everyone looks forward to hearing from the girls how many laps they ran. What Shawne predicted came true -- family members enjoy donating to our school AND supporting our children in a physical activity! It's a great program!


The Hoyer Fun Run needs every bit of support from the Hoyer families and community. It has its own committee and kicks off planning every fall to get ready for an amazing event in the spring. If you are interested in joining, sign up to become a committee member and/or volunteer.